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Liste Linkin Park

Minutes To Midnight (2007) Given Up Bleed It OutShadow Of The Day What I've Done No More Sorrow Hybrid Theory (2000) Papercut One Step Closer Crawling In The End Meteora (2003) Don't Stay Somewhere I Belong Lying From You Easier To Run Faint Breaking...

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Liste Rammstein

Rosenrot (2005) : Benzin Mann gegen Mann Rosenrot Reise, Reise (2004) : Reise, Reise Mein Teil Amerika Moskau Ohne dich Mutter (2001) : Sonne Feuer frei! Mutter Zwitter Sehnsucht (1997) : Du hast Bück dich Stripped Herzeleid (1995) : Du riechst so gu...

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Liste Metallica

I disappear (Mission Impossible 2 => 2000) St Anger (2003) Franctic St Anger The Unnamed Feeling No leaf Clover (2000) Garage Inc (1998) Sabbra Cadabra Turn The Page Die, Die My Darling Reload (1997) Fuel The Memory Remains The Unforgiven II Low Man's...

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